Bathroom is where we comfort ourselves. It also needs to be decorated. Though it is a room which is not used as often as other parts of the home, it should still be decorated in a manner which is conducive to a relaxed and welcoming ambiance.


In designing your bathroom, you need to consider two important factors. These are the natural lighting and the space available in the bathroom. These will determine the rest of your design plan such as the type of features you want to include, the color scheme and so on and so forth.


It is your advantage if you have an airy and a very light bathroom for you will have more choices for the color scheme of the bathroom. However, if your bathroom has a smaller space, then the only choices you have are the light colors or light shades. Why light colors? Because light colors brightens up the bathroom and can make the bathrooms looks more spacious and wider. It can also help prevent the feeling of claustrophobia. Claustrophobia meaning the fear of confined places.


In decorating your bathroom's wall, you have to be very particular with its design. You should avoid normal home paints and wallpapers to prevent and avoid fungus and molds. It is better to apply water proof paints or better, put tiles. You also need to remember that if you are going to put tiles in the wall, you need to make sure that the design corresponds with the design of the floor. Also the design of the tiles in the floor and the wall should complement the overall design of your bathroom. To learn more bathroom designs, you can visit


On the other hand, if you have a tiled floor, most people will hesitate to step on the bathroom's floor for it is cold. Tiles are cold. To avoid this, consider putting mats or wood panel on the floor. This can help reduce the coldness of the tiles.

In putting up your bathroom, you would probably ask if which is better, a bathtub or a robertson shower. Usually, most households have both, but it is up to you if you want to only have a bathtub or a shower, or you can also have them both. It's just that, a bathtub can easily be converted into a shower cubicle with minimal effort.



Finally there are the bathrooms nz fixtures and fittings. It can be better to choose one bathroom collection rather than shop for individual products.